How to fit your hobbies into your full time work life By Matilda Belle

How to fit your hobbies into your full time work life


So recently a very beautiful friend of mine messaged me, telling me how my balanced lifestyle journey has inspired her to create change in her own life.

She absolutely made my day by saying how she felt so inspired by my path and how I have maintained working on my creative outlets as well as being a full time accountant! This message meant so much to me, especially coming from this particular girl! She was always someone that I had associated with so much talent considering she was always smart in school, never showed up to any social event looking less than immaculate and had the body of a goddess!

Her message has inspired me in return and so I am now writing to share how I balance a busy lifestyle, combining a strong work ethic with life's little pleasures!

Here's a few little tips for all the hard working gals (and guys) out there that hustle during the week and are cognitively working towards their Libra Living!

1) If you work full time, find a hobby you love and make space for that full time as well: I can't emphasise this enough but if you're in a job that requires you to be there full time, make sure you're also contributing to the things that make you smile FULL TIME. Whether that be spending time with friends, travel or researching fashion there are always little ways or goals that you can work towards in achieving this balance! For example, working full time does take up most of my time however my commute to and from work is spent researching new material for my blog or  checking out new fashion pieces that i could promote or use to work with brands! If you are indecisive about what YOUR hobbies actually are, take a look at some of the accounts you follow on instagram - 9/10 you are following these accounts because you find them inspiring. If you find yourself following travel blogs or sites, I suggest making a separate blog that details some of the best places to go travelling - you may not have been to these places yourself but if you can find enough factual evidence supporting your love for these destinations then go for it! My hobby is yoga so I am always researching new poses I can work towards, or new upcoming retreats I'd like to do if I can't always be physically practicing - although I try to practice at least 4 times a week! 

2) Use the time that you spend mindlessly scrolling on social media or Netflix for constructive projects/ activitiesSo I've been working full time for only just 4 months and I can honestly say I watch a whole lot less TV. As someone who has always loved watching TV, I am aware that everyone needs some down time here and there especially when you work full time! When I spent a week in Koh Samui there were no TV's in the resort, so at first I resorted to watching Netflix on my laptop - cheating, I know. Then as I started to consider starting this blog, I realised that a lot that "down time" I spent watching TV could also be used to start writing my blogs! This wasn't a physically demanding task, and I actually found it somewhat therapeutic! As someone who constantly has a lot of thoughts running through her head, I actually really enjoyed getting them all down into a space for everyone to read :) Find a way of fitting in some constructive projects or activities into your daily "downtime" that have a therapeutic impact on your energy - that way you'll still feel like you're resting your mind and soul, but you're also spending your personal time wisely! These activities could be anything from drawing, researching blog ideas, designing or anything that doesn't require a whole lot of physical energy :) Also, if you're in the habit of finding yourself scrolling through social media aimlessly then remind yourself that instead of staring at that hot bikini girl's latest post from the Maldives, that could be you too if you get up and start being pro-active!


3) Start writing a list of all the activities you wish you could be doing all day - then write a plan of how you can achieve one of these per day / week: So obviously this tip will depend on the scale of the activities or goals you're working towards. For example, if that goal is jet skiing across Mykonos with a mojito in hand its probably unlikely you'll be able to achieve this in one week if you work full time (unless you've got a job as a jet skiing party go-er then if so hook a sister up!). However, this is completely doable (maybe minus the mojito in hand if driving the jetski) by writing out a plan and allocating time to this each day so you can eventually achieve this goal! This could range from looking up the accommodation in Mykonos, saving money for those flights and then choosing which friend is going to join you! Sometimes planning the goal is almost just as exciting as achieving it! If you're goals or activities are slightly smaller scaled (we'd hope so) then write up a list of all the things you wish you could be doing all day then put it somewhere in your room that you'll always see. Being constantly reminded by a list of your goals will help motivate you to plan time to achieving them! Once you've written that list and put it up on your wall, write up another list of the time during the working week that you have free that you could allocate to these activities - you may have a lot more free time than you think!

4) Last but not least, BE BOLD! Don't let other people's opinions of your hobbies dim your motivation!: A lot of the time people may be less interested to pursue their hobbies or goals if they are surrounded by people who lack any real passions or goals. It's human nature to want to fit into their surroundings, however you must be mindful what you're trying to fit into. Find some friends you love getting outdoors or doing the things that you love and try to arrange time during the week that you both have to meet up and do them! This is when social media is awesome - its so easy now to find like minded individuals who love the same hobbies as you! I did a movement workshop back in November by myself and made 30 new friends in Sydney who also love moving! I now go to movement sessions now and have coffee and lunch with them after - we even started communicating over a Facebook page arranging times to meet up and practice handstands!

Lastly, don't ever feel like something is out of reach - 99% of the time, you are more than capable of achieving your goals on your own without any additional luck or help. It's usually a person's lack of motivation or fear of other opinions that prevent them from working towards a large scale objective!


Sending all my love,


Matilda Belle xx

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