What's the deal with nutritional supplements? Kim Byrne explains...


We sat down to chat to one of our favourite people Kim Byrne to pick her brains about nutrition supplements and ask the big question “are they really worth it?”. Kim is a highly regarded personal trainer, she is a transformation specialist and is a WBFF Bikini model which has taken her all over the world including America and Asia where she placed 1st and loves competing and coaching other women to reach their goals. Health and fitness is her passion but to top it all off she owns a Elite Supps in shellharbour and here she explains everything to do with supplements……


  1. Generally the misconception is that supplements can make you very ‘muscley’, is this correct? And what’s your advice?


‘Yeah, its actually really hard to get super muscular, it takes a lot of time and calories, so protein supps generally only have 100-130calories per serving so its good for recovery and when your body has more protein it burns more calories because it takes the body more effort to digest protein other than carbs and fats, so adding in a protein shake in to your diet while your training, I do highly recommend and you wont get too musculy’


  1. There's so many brands on the market, How do I know which protein powder is right for me?


'There are a few didn’t options when it comes to protein powders, we are pretty spoilt for choice these days, I do recommend speaking to whoever your buying it off to make sure your getting the right fit- there are a few different options being whether it’s a WPI, this does come from dairy, so if you do have any dairy or lactose issues- probably not the best for you. There's some vegan options out there, so this is a great option if your are dairy or lactose intolerant, also there are come collegen base protein as well which is another option and this is great for your hair, skin and nails.'


  1. When should I drink it? Is there an optimal time?

‘we often get told we have to drink it within 20-30mins doing a workout and look, it is a great window to get protein especially if your not going to be sitting down and eating a meal and that’s with protein, so for convenience wise drinking your protein shake after training is great but also starting your day with protein and oats is great and at night when you want to reach for chocolate, having a shake instead is great. But overall, just make sure you get your protein in and whatever works best for you.’


  1. Are pre-workouts worth while and what are they?

'Pre workout are great and will give you that extra energy but are they essential no- there are different types of pre workout, ones with high caffine and ones without caffeine. So if you are having a pre workout that is caffinanted, I would recommend  not relying on it all the time because you do become immune to it, I would recommend having it for 4-8 weeks and then give yourself 2-4 week break or only have it on the days you really are lacking energy. The ones without caffeine which provide a good muscle pump and nitric oxide based they are a great way to get blood flow to muscles without excess caffeine, so if you are just looking for that goof pump and helping fight fatigue having the nitric oxide is a really good option.'


  1. Whats the best supplements?

My go to’s are… protein powder to get my protein levels up in my daily diet, creatine- a lot of females are scared to take creatine, but it is a great way to build muscle and strength and I also highly recommend vitamin D and magnesium as well.


We wrap up the interview up because Kim is one busy lady!!!! But if you have any questions or want further tips on training and nutrition, follow Kim on Instagram @kimmymaree and if your local to shellharbour feel free to pop in to elite supps and kim can recommend products for you to get on your fitness journey, also elite supps are one of our stockists, so feel free to try on our activewear.

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