Cleaning instructions

To get the longest life out of your yoga mat, it is important to keep it clean!

To clean your mat we recommend using a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid or lemon juice diluted heavily with water. Dampen a soft, non-abrasive cloth with the mixture and wipe down the surface of your mat. This should be done after every 5 – 10 uses, depending on how sweaty you get (e.g. if you are doing hot yoga you may need to do this more often). Try not to wear moisturizers and lotions when using your mat as this can cause stains.

After use and after cleaning leave your mat unrolled to air and dry completely before rolling up again. If you are going from a class to home, roll your mat up and unroll it to dry when you get home. When you roll your mat, make sure the coloured side is facing up.

As your eco-friendly mat is biodegradable, try not to put it in the sun too much as this can cause its lifespan to shorten.

If you need any extra help or further information please do not hesitate to contact us at!